CMC Commodity Transport milk haulers

CMC – Quality in Food Grade Transportation

CMC Commodity Transport specializes in transporting liquid food grade freight.  We focus on providing quality service to our customers. Whether you’re in need of a tanker to haul milk or juice, or need a truck for feed carrying, CMC provides quality services you can count on.

When training our drivers, we emphasize courtesy and customer orientation, so that they understand the importance of superior cleanliness  in handling food grade products. We prioritize sanitation daily, along with punctuality and safety. We take pride in our drivers arriving on time, and safely, every haul.

We deliver liquid food grade freight in the eastern states, and as far west as Texas. Our fleet primarily consist of food grade tankers, but we also deliver feed and grain commodities in bulk on our walking floor trailers. Our feed commodity service area is the southeastern and mid eastern states. However, we will haul anywhere in the continental US. We try to work with our customers to save cost by utilizing both trips to and from locations.

We understand the importance of our products to our customers. Food grade liquid is often perishable, and feed commodities deliveries are often necessary after normal business hours or on weekends. Therefore we are available to our customers 24/7 seven days a week, 365 days a year.


History of CMC Commodty Transport

We began hauling milk in 1977 as Northwest Milk Transport, a local company that picked up milk from over 100 dairy farms in northwest NC. In 1979, the name was changed to FSC, Inc, to better reflect our services to the local farming community and our expanded service area. In 1995, we again extended our services to include hauling bulk feed commodities, cream and other food grade liquids into the southeast, northeast, midwest and as far west as Texas. In 1997, CMC Commodity Transport was incorporated by a longtime employee of FSC and initially leased equipment to FSC, Inc. CMC Commodity Transport bought FSC from the Thomasson family in 2004,  and continued the long history of quality service to the local farming community and beyond. Each year, we have tried to gradually increase our operating area to include a more expanded area, in an effort to better serve our customers. We have carefully controlled our growth to allow us the opportunity to maintain our high standard of quality service to our customers. Our growth, as well as our high standards of quality and service, is made possible because of the hard work and team effort of our dedicated employees, who average ten years of service with the company.

While our local milk hauling is still the backbone of our organization, we continually look for avenues to build our freight lanes to be more efficient, provide better value, and establish a larger service area for our customers. Our goal is to always deliver safely and promptly, while providing a high quality of service to our customers.